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Mannual Kanban Status Update

Feb 07 at 01:58 PM


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Hi SAP Experts :

I'm facing problems when I'm implementing Kanban Pull Process in SAP. Example:

One PO (PO QTY 10=Binsize QTY 10) was triggered automatically when warehouse guy scanned the "Empety" shown on Bincard, It is OK for us. Now the first question is:

The Kanban material needs to be inspected by QA, based on the kanban repleshment configuration that Kanban status will be automatically updated to "Full", but actual situation is the physical part are under inspection, hwo to address?

The second question is: Even if we don't care whether actual siuation is matching the system status, if QTY only can be paritally (6PCS) sent to kanban container due to quality issue, and also the partial QTY was used for prodction order before the balance(4PCS) replenished to container. At this point, the container is empty actually. Now warehouse needs to scan the "'Empty" to trigger one more PO 10PCS, if Yes, the propurment QTY (10PCS+4PCS with quality issue ) is more than the Binsize. it will cause buyer to purchase more material.

My ideal, Full status can be manually updated with scanning "Full" don't follow Full updating upon GR done.

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2 Answers

shivakkumar Geetha venkatesan Feb 08 at 11:42 AM

Hi Jianguo

We can amke change manual status to full using PK13N or PKBC

Hope it is useful and that is your requirement.



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HI Sir

Thanks for your recommendation. I'm familar with both T-Code. My concerns is: Kanban "Full " status is updated upon Fullly Goods Receipts . I want to know if i can excute Partially Goods Receipt in SAP system.

Example: Production Order (4PCS) was partially Goods Receipt 2PCS by warehouse guy through T-Code MB31. Based on the SAP "Full" status updated upon goods receit, Kanban status will be automatically updated to "Full". It seems that: system dosen't care the GR QTY fully or partially. If SAP follow this rule. it will cause a problem: Production order triggered by Kanban was partially goods eceipt and the the reveived QTY will be shipped by customer order immediately. Now this actual sitation is: Kanban Container is empty, the kanban status in SAP is "Full", At this time, warehouse guy only follow physical container status, they will scann barcord trigger one work order QTY which is the same as bin-size as long as the container is empty. One Bin-box's Open production order is more than Bin-size QTY. Bin-size QTY 4EA, System Open Prodution Order is 2EA+4EA=6EA. I think it is bug.

shivakkumar Geetha venkatesan Feb 11 at 09:24 AM

Yes. I too . it may be bug. Please check with your Technical Team



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