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Binding Rows of a Table with QuickViewPage in SAPUI5

Feb 07 at 01:43 PM


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Hello All,

I am trying to get the value of Rows in the Quick View page while clicking a Button. Till now i am able to get the row values in an alert Box. However, I am not able to get the values of the rows in the QuickViewPage while clicking a button in the table.

1. UI of an App:

2. On Clicking View Details Button i am able to get the values in the row in an alert box

3. However i am unable to get the same values of alert box in the QuickViewPage

Below is the code snippet:

How shall i proceed in order to bind the row values to the QuickViewpage via button. Please suggest.

Thanks in Advance!


Abhilasha Gupta

q1.png (39.9 kB)
q2.png (49.2 kB)
q3.png (46.6 kB)
q4.png (43.4 kB)
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2 Answers

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Efim Parshin Feb 07 at 02:43 PM

Hi! Can you provide example of your case? That will be helpful.

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Hi Efim,

Scenario in jsbin - Binding Rows of table with quick view


Thank you for example! I don't understand why do you bind your pages aggregation of QuickView to "/pages1" path wich even does not exsists in the model. I corrected binding path for QuickViewGroup elements to display them relative to context properties. And button press now switch context path of the quick view.,output

Sergio Guerrero Feb 08 at 02:00 PM

the easier way would be to read the record from the model -

read the model first then identify the record based on an id or some other property - as Efim suggested, please provide the jsbin example as well

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