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SAP C4C - EMPLOYEE role for business partner missing

Feb 07 at 01:33 PM


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I'm working on integrating SAP C4C to a 3rd party IDM solution. As a part of this, we provision the Users to C4C based on the avaialble HR data. As in C4C integration, there is no service which can create Users. Alternatively, we can create Employee which would inturn create a User. This works fine when I create an employee directly in SAP C4C system. However, when I try to call the Create Employee Service in Postman, I get the below error.

EMPLOYEE role for business partner 8000000020 missing

It looks like the Business Partner is getting created but its not. when I login to C4C application, I donot see this BP.

Any inputs on how to resolve this issue with Employee Role ??

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Any inputs on this issue ? I've been investigating on several blogs and posts but couldn't find a solution yet.



The Business User is automatically created as "locked" when you create an employee in c4c.You have to unlock the business user afterwards.

From the error message looks like you are creating a BP but not an employee. How are you creating the employees? Which WS are you using? The WS to create employee is different than for BP.


Guilherme Steyer


Hi Guilherme,

I'm using EmployeeCollection OData service to create an Employee which there by creates a User aswell. Below is the sample URL that I'm testing POST operation using postman

When I run the service for RoleCodeCollection (below url) , I donot see the Employee Role Code in the list. So I'm assuming it is something related to configuring the Role Code in the application.

Do let me know your thoughts ?

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Fabio Damasceno
Feb 08 at 02:01 PM

Hello there Naresh,

I did a primary research here on related incidents raised and this scenario demanded an investigation of our Integration Experts Colleagues since the first details requested were:

- Is standard webservice used? What is the name of the Webservice?
- Copy of the Request and the Response XML for our reference
- Written permission to reproduce the issue in your system

So, in my opinion, you should raise an incident for a proper evaluation and solution for this case.

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Jayant Saini Feb 16 at 05:38 AM

Hi Naresh,

I am also facing the same issue. Seems like EmployeeRoleCode in not accessible in OData structure for Partners.

I have raised the incident with SAP and waiting for the solution.


Jayant Saini

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Hi Jayant,

Thanks for your comment. I'd really appreciate if you can share the response once you hear from SAP.