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MC601 message error in transaction FP05

Feb 07 at 01:15 PM


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HI. I have a failure when I realize an accounting of a payment lot throught FP05. When we work on background, several jobs are created with a Z report using this functions:

I'm the only one who is executing it in the system but some jobs are canceled with the next message:

Object requested is currently locked by user XXXXXXX
Message no: MC601


A lock requested by calling an ENQUEUE function module cannot be set up because another SAP transaction is using the lock in question.

Technical Information: The C_ENQUEUE routine returned the following values:



System Response
The ENQUEUE function module triggers an appropriate exception. If this exception was not intercepted by the application program, this leads automatically to the active SAP transaction being cancelled.


Look in the lock table to establish which user or transaction is using the requested lock (Tools -> Administration -> Monitor -> Lock entries). You may need to contact the user in question.

Someone can help me? Thanks.

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1 Answer

Michelle Crapo Feb 07 at 01:20 PM

The problem is exactly what is written in the message. Someone has the record locked. If you want to know who and your message doesn't state who. (It usually does) SM12 remove your user name. You may even have it locked.

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The user XXXXXXXX is myself. When the job ends in SM12 the object isn't locked. I think when Z report create a job it locks the object and when a second job is created by the report the object is still locked. I try WAIT a few seconds when FKK_AKTIV2_RUN_STATUS_UPDATE but it doesn't work.


Check for the lock in a do loop. if the record is unlocked submit the next job. (I also usually will run it for a certain time 2 minutes and then I exit with an error)