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Jun 16, 2008 at 10:36 AM

ABAP Development and "End User License"


Hi all,

I'm happy to join to SDN!!!

I newbe in the forum, and therefore I don't know if I post in the right section.

I'm a Netweaver Architect and ABAP Developer.

In the past I worked as java developer, and with other programming languages.

I have a doubt: is it possible (or forbidden by SAP AG??) to develop an ABAP package (which, obiousvly, contains Z / Y Abap objects) and apply an "End User License" on it, i.e. on the ABAP code written? (I mean that the copryrights are mine, and I give an "End User License" to my customers (that buy the license), in order to get and run my abap code). I would avoid to sell my Abap package, but, if possibile, I would only give it according a "Use License".

May I do this thing without any problems, or have I to consider other aspects, like ask to SAP to reserve a namespace, or obtain SAP Netweaver certification for my ABAP solution, or other things?

(Infact the "End User License" that I mean is different from "SAP End User License")

Please, let me know your opinion and how or who could solve my matter.

Many thanks to all.

Best Regards,