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Links to old documents in archive are still not working!

Oct 25, 2016 at 04:40 PM


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During the migration old documents were converted to the blogs with a copy in the archive. Unfortunately blogs do not support txt file attachments, and I added the line to the converted blog with a link to the original document in archive:

Converted blog:

Unfortunately few days ago the link to the old document in archive stopped working:

I am absolutely frustrated because users are sending me - look on my comment due to the stupid fact that I can attach only 2 pictures.

nvcsn.png (243.9 kB)
phlqk.png (77.4 kB)
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I have to continue in the comment!

Users are sending me:

By the way, I can't find this comment in the blog itself

So many bugs...

tpqty.png (47.4 kB)

And I performed a search in the document archive for: "BPC NW 10: VBA to get dimension members list and properties"


Where is the document with the valuable attachments????

okqsq.png (62.9 kB)

No reaction! Can somebody provide the time frame when the bug will be fixed?


Still no reaction! I want to know if the content is lost!

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Oliver Kohl
Oct 27, 2016 at 03:10 PM

Hi Vadim, the document in the archive ( stopped working because it was migrated to Blogs ( On Blogs we don't support attachments at this point. I've attached the original text file unencrypted to this answer: bpc-nw-10-vba.txt

I would suggest to add the code into the blog post itself. We have good syntax colouring now. Hope that works.

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Hi Oliver!

It's absolutely bad idea to insert code text directly into the blog. It makes blog unreadable if the code is more then few lines. For the questions it's possible to attach text document in the comment, but for new blogs it's also not possible in blog comments.

And I have another document with code attachment that is lost:

The code attachments also lost! Please recover the code at least here!


P.S. I suspect that this is the major issue with all old documents with attachments - the documents are converted to blog posts without attachments and the original documents are deleted from archive!


P.S. I am trying to insert the link in the blog to

but unable to create a link, just text is inserted. I am really frustrated :(


Hi Vadim, code is attached here. We'll look into providing a way to reduce the display area of highlighted code, so that it doesn't cover the whole hight.




Thanks for the code attachments I will try to link to the blog (at least as link text - links are not working in blog editor).

The idea to restrict code area is also not 100% perfect. If you have to attach code with a thousand + lines then it's definitely better to attach a link to text file. Why it's not possible to allow text attachments to blogs? It's a platform for technically oriented people :)


last missing code attachment thisworkbook-code.txt


"We have good syntax colouring now" - But not for VBA :)


By the way, the original WordPress support VB highlighting:


if we get enough request, we could definitely consider this ;)


You don't need to reinvent the wheel - it's already supported!

And in EPM related areas (BPC NW, BPC MS,...) VBA development is a normal practice.