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Former Member
Jun 16, 2008 at 08:47 AM

Problem with new Collaboration Forums


Hi folks!

I've tried to integrate new forums on my collaborative rooms. I've check the "How to Integrate a Forum into a Collaboration Room (NW 7.0 2004s).pdf" guide and making the step-by-step solution. Our system is a Netweaver 2004s SP14, with FORUMS patch 1 installed.

The problem is when i try to preview the page which contains the forum iView or enter in the forum throught the collaboration room. The result i get is an 404 error with the next link in the browser:


I've cacthed the http headers and the secuence is:

- Calling to the ForumTarget -> ../forum.jspa?forumID=1 (OK)

- Gets all required gif's (OK)

- Get height ¿?¿? (404 ERROR)

Also i've tried the following:

- Preview the iView -> OK, but insert the iView directly on the workset and enter in forum (404 ERROR)

- Make all heights fixed (not works, 404 ERROR)

Anybody knows this case??