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Please help me on SAP business objects installation

Feb 06 at 09:22 PM


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We have existing BOE 4.1 environment running for A application. We want to installation new BOE environment for another B application. Please suggest us which of the below option is better:-

  • 1.Upgrade existing A BOE environment to 4.2 environment, Install 4.2 BOE environment for another B application, after that migrate objects from A application to B application.
  • 2.Install BOE 4.1 in B application , migrate content from old A BOE environment, then upgrade both environments A,B to 4.2 one by one
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3 Answers

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Denis Konovalov
Feb 06 at 09:24 PM

Your questions only make sense if you need to have both of the apps on the same version.
May I suggest third option : Install 4.2 for B, then move content from A to B and then if you need to - upgrade A.
My plan has less steps and less failure chance.

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satish kumar srirama Feb 06 at 10:26 PM

Thank you for answering my question....

I agree with your plan,

After installing 4.2 in B , how can we migrate content from 4.1 A platfrom to 4.2 palrfrom?

Please help me on choosing the best option

1.BIAR files

2.Upgrade managment tool

3.migrating content via CMC prmotion managment tool

Can you please provide your suggestion.

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UMT will not work for BI4.1 to BI4.2, so that option is out.

Promotion Manager (in CMC) will only work for relatively small installations, whether to you a live-to-live or BIAR migration. If it's moderately sized, you'd need to use the PM command line tool.

Or, if you're going to BI4.2 SP5, there is a new free-standing PM application that can handle larger migrations.


The answer to your questions is in Admin guide and Pattern Books -

satish kumar srirama Feb 07 at 12:37 PM

Thank you for your answer.

Can you please help me to identify advanatages and disadvantages for step1 and step2

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1. You have One upgrade, one full Install and One migration
But if something goes wrong during upgrade - rest is on hold for a while.
2. Install, migration, 2 upgrades.
Migration in 4.1 is no a sure thing (4.2 greatly improved the process).
2 separate upgrades are risky.