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How to set up a recurring entry with reversal date?

Feb 06 at 12:06 PM


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I would like to know if there is a way for me to setup a recurring entry that I will run through F.14>SM35 every month, and posted document will be auto-reversed the month after posting? For example, I set up a recurring entry document 91XXXXXX and run it through F.14 and then SM35. So there will be an accrual document created. Let's say document 95XXXXXX. Now, is there a way during setup in which the accrual documents posted via this recurring entry document be reversed automatically the month after. Let's say document 95XXXXXX has been posted by initiating a recurring entry document 91XXXXXX in January, is there a way it will be AUTOMATICALLY reversed in February? Please take note that I want all documents posted by initiating this recurring entry document to be reversed the month after. Thank you in advance!

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2 Answers

Gabriel Felipe Coleti Feb 06 at 01:17 PM

Dear John,

In the Provision/Accrual process is not so common to reverse the document, usually we post, in the next period, a new document with opposite debit and credit signs. This is because if you really need to reverse your provision (previous and current process) you can simple reverse the document. Using reverse in the Provision/Accrual process you cannot reverse the documents if necessary.

Based on that, I recommend you to create two recurring document, one to post and another with opposite debit/credit signs (starting in the next period than the post).

In my opnion this is the best solution.

Best regards,

Gabriel Coleti

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Daniel Araújo Feb 06 at 06:06 PM

Dear Mr. John,

You could run your accruals postings thru transaction FBS1 and then schedule a job to reverse it in the next month using transaction F.81.

Hope it helps,

Best regards

Daniel Araújo

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