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Jun 15, 2008 at 04:27 PM

Calling external webservice through Portal Service in Portal Application


Hi ,

In the past (NW7.0) it was possible to call external webservices from Portal Applications (eg. JSPDynPage, whatever) by exposing the webservice inside SAP Portal as a "Portal Service". This process is described here:

However, in NWDS v.7.1 (part of CE7.1) the "SAP Portal Web Service" Portal Application Object type is NO LONGER available in the "Create Application" wizard application types.

Now, how can I create a Portal Application (JSPDynpage , with a JSP user interface) that calls/consumes webservices (eg. from the SAP ES Workplace) by WSDL.

In the CE7.1 documentation it is described exhaustively how to create static / deployable proxies, but nowhere, I find info on how to embed these web service CLIENT calls in SAP PORTAL applications (eg. a JSPDynPage).

Who can explain me this , now the "classic" way of doing this (through Portal Services) is no longer available in CE7.1 ?

Thank you very much ,

David Pierre