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Po Price component to capture only at MIRO

Feb 06 at 09:53 AM


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Hi Team,

Is it possible to put a price component in PO with value 100 . The 100 amount should not add to stcok when i do my GR but same time it need to get capture at MIRO

eg PO with Amount 500 and a component rupee 50 . When i do GR only 500 Dr and 500 Cr . When i do Miro for main vendor 500 Cr and 500 Dr and for the another local vendor 100 Cr and 100 Dr

possible ? What condition type and details i need to give

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You better explain your example with a real business case.

what shall this extra condition serve? is it provision to someone else? Or is transportation cost.

And how would this effect the invoice of the original vendor. Why should this be posted with the invoice of the original vendor and based on what information?

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2 Answers

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manu m Feb 07 at 12:47 PM


use Condition class - D for condition type with no accrual mark and mark statistical in Schema

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manu m Feb 06 at 10:34 AM

Business req. PO price is 500 USD and 100 SAR to Brokerage fee against Customs and 80 SAR is VAT. Both are given to an external broker . They do use % for any computation . They get the Customs 100 amount and VAT 80 separately .

100 SAR need to add to stock and 80 should not add to stock . At the time of Miro Customs broker will get Cr of 120 and 100 DR as Customs brokerage and 80 as VAT input

slightly out of the box requirement . They do not want the best practice of base value and VAT as % of it

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