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Route Determination via OVAR Transaction

Feb 06 at 09:33 AM


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Dear Gurus,

I have configure the Route in SPRO, and few determination i have done from spro node, Route Determination, and few have done from transaction OVAR, but OVAR determination are maintain but route not determine on the sales order, when i have done the same from spro node "Route Determination" its work fine.

Can gurus help us what is the difference in b/w these two and if SAP offer transaction, than why its not working.

Please suggest.

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3 Answers

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Veselina Peykova
Feb 07 at 10:50 AM

OK... I assume that your system is at least 4.5A, if not - I cannot help you much, because the oldest version I have ever supported is 4.6B :)

The main difference between OVAR and route determination maintenance that you reach via SPRO is where data is stored.

OVAR is a parameter transaction that points to maintenance view V_TROAZ.

Route determination that you get via SPRO: V_TROLZ00 (main part); V_TROLZ01 (without weight group); V_TROLZ02 (with weight group).

If you check what tables are used for these views you will see that they are a bit different to .

When I was searching on some info in SAP notes why the concept was changed and when, I came across a transaction named VORF. It features a very educational text message (displayed as popup):

Transaction VORF for maintaining route determination is deleted with the switch to R/3 release 4.5A. This deletion occurs because of the restructuring that took place in route determination tables TROAZ and TROLZ. Table TROAZ is no longer used. Data conversion of existing route determination entries takes place during the system upgrade.
The individual functions of transaction VORF are available under the following new transaction codes:

- 0VRF Route determination
- OVR1 Define transportation zones
- OVL7 Maintain country / transportation zone per shipping point

- OVSY Define transportation groups
- OVST Define weight groups
- OVLO New route determination for each delivery type
- OVLR Allowed actual routes per proposed route

All transactions can be accessed using the Implementation Guide (Sales and Distribution-> Basic Functions-> Routes-> Route Determination).

I hope that now it is clear: if you prefer using transactions instead of going through SPRO - use the ones that I listed.

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Kamlesh Kumar Arya Feb 06 at 01:34 PM

This should not happen!

Would you please mind to share the steps you followed via transaction codes along with the screenshots?And the steps followed via SPRO along with screenshots?

I still believe that you had missed some steps when doing it via t codes.

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Fausto Motter
Feb 07 at 04:48 PM


in complement with Veselina message, please check the Wiki regarding route determination.

Remember that route determination is based on "Departure zone or country of the Delivering Plant", "Destination zone or country of the Ship-to", "Shipping condition from the Sold-to Party Customer master" and "Transportation group from Material Master".

Fausto Motter

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