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Feb 06, 2018 at 09:01 AM

SAP IDM-GRC initial load Commons -read time out error


Hello guys,

i hope you guys are doing well , i have a question on IDM-GRC integration this time.

we were using a job in IDM which connects to GRC system and fetches role details which in later we are utilizing for risk analysis. this is done via AC load 10.1 -commons using some webservices . recently on GRC side, they had their Upgrade to latest version higher than 10.0. so, now when we execute Role search via our LDAP connector in VDS. it give following error.

we can understand that connector cant handle large data like before , so we tried to make a same level plugin b/w IDM and GRC . but still no luck

could you guys please advice us what are we doing wrong and how these can be fixed .

error details

Time: Mon Feb 05 08:29:17 CST 2018 Level: WARN Thread: Thread[17,3,LDAP Sessions:main_listener_390]
Logger: Java

Exception: (GRC Search Roles:1:Exception in GRC WS API call:; nested exception is: Read timed out) 

{0} at at at at