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MWVS TAX type is not taking in PO

Feb 06 at 08:19 AM


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I have gone through multiple post regarding this but could not solve this error

Tax code is fetched in Po w.r.t condition records maintained in MEK1 . All other details are fetched expect TAX type (maintained in vendor Master )

Please see the screenshot .Only TAX type it is not taking but same is available in Table A991 .

Any idea sss.jpg

sss.jpg (35.5 kB)
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Jürgen L
Feb 06 at 01:54 PM

You added a field in your access sequence for which you have no value in your purchase order.

SAP does not look by itself into your vendor master to take any information that would fit with the field that you used in your access sequence.

You have to bring this value from your vendor master into the PO to have it available when executing the access to determine data from a condition record.

This is usually done with a user exit, similar as described in this blog:

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No offence , if that is the case then how tax indicator of material is picked . The tax indicator of material is maintained in material master and it will not come in PO directly . Please correct me if am worong


those indicators are already in the SAP delivered field catalog and hence SAP has taken care about the ABAP routine.

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Thank you Jurgen. I have gone through the blog too.

just Fyi - I have not created any new field . The Tax type is already available , i just added in my access sequence .

I believe even though just a adding a existing field in the access sequence , if the value not available in PO it will not work . Hope my understadning is correct.


you are right this field is already a long time in the field catalog, however there were some manual activities needed

see OSS note 608105 - Changes to customer and vendor master

find the sentence "Delete the constant 'D' and leave it as blank"

and OSS note 608238 - Automatic Tax code determination for Inbound Orders

shivakkumar Geetha venkatesan Feb 06 at 12:45 PM

Hi Manu

Please check with you ABAP Team. they can easily find the issue if any entry missing or the pricing procedure is have any issue.



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Thanks for the reply . Not easy for them as there is no error msg or nothing .Please go through my last reply .

Dibyendu Patra Feb 06 at 09:00 AM

What is the requirement to take this field "Tax Type" in condition table ? Hopefully this field is not used in purchasing document, that is the reason you are not getting value.

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I use this field to identify a vendor as registered vendor or not or a foreign vendor . Tax type is mainatined in vendor master

eg- Use :- in MEK1 - If tax type = "10" it is reg. vendor and tax code will be V2 and non reg vendor Tax code V5 etc

just fyi- tax indicator for material or tax indicator for plant is not a field in PO but maintained at material level and plant. Tax type i maintained in vendor master .

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just a thought . In XK02 the Account type is K and in MEK1 the Account type is D . Both are default and system do not allow to change it . Is this could be a reason ?

see the screen shot xk02-tax-type.jpgmek1-tax-type.jpg

xk02-tax-type.jpg (21.8 kB)
mek1-tax-type.jpg (29.5 kB)