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CAT5 Executed but no Actual costs are appeaing in CJI3


Hi Experts,

I tried finding a solution through SCN but could not succeed.

A user have created an activity with Work centre, No. of hours and activity type in CJ20N. Thereafter, user has filled the timesheets and approved. But, when he is trying to transfer timesheets hours to PS using CAT5, the system is displaying Price as "0" in CAT5.

In case, I run CAT5 in real mode; I cannot see any actual costs into CJI3.

I checked all the master data and settings are in place but not sure where something is missing.

Attaching all the relevant screen shots.

Please suggest. Thanks in advance!


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4 Answers

  • Feb 08, 2018 at 06:42 PM

    Check the rates on the Sending Cost Center/Activity Type.

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    • Thanks Ken.

      I mentioned (refer screen shot) that those rates are already maintained.

      Because, I reviewed; I can see actual costs via CJ20N but when I check in CJI3, there are no such documents.

      Is that a problem related to CO documents number range?

      If yes, which Group element is to be used here for maintaining CO document number range i.e. COIN, RKL etc.???


  • Feb 10, 2018 at 02:00 AM

    Your screen shots do not show any rates as maintained in KP26.

    You need to run CATS transfer for all areas. Use CATA. CAT5 just transfers confirmations, not costs. You are missing CAT7, Transfer to CO.

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    • Hi Ken,

      You might have missed to view attached files properly. Please go through the file "cat5-issue-page0001.jpg".

      Well, I executed CATA also once for CO and PS, the system displays a message first "No data for Transfer" which might be for CO postings. Then, it displays CAT5 transfer confirmation records window.

      But, then too; timesheet costs are nowhere appearing, neither CJI3 not RPSCO table.

  • Feb 13, 2018 at 07:42 AM

    Hi Sandeep,

    Is the Labor actual cost missing in CJI3 only for this transfer or it is happening in all transfer.



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  • Feb 27, 2018 at 02:09 PM

    Hi all,

    This issue have been resolved. Thanks!

    It was an Authorization issue in CJI3 for displaying Network activity with activity types costs.

    Best regards,


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