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Oct 25, 2016 at 03:56 PM

Universe Designer 4.1 - Export Universe and Preserve CUID


I have been developing universes for a few years and until recently never had the dreaded unbound reports issue. Then it happened last month and I am now paranoid as I spent a long time trying to reconnect a lot of unbound reports.

The safest option seems to be Import the universe, make the required changes and export back to the CMC. The problem here is that you have to put the changes live to test them.

I would like to be able to do this:

Import "Universe Live.unv" (Named "Universe Live" in parameters)

Save as "Universe TEST.unv" (Named "Universe Test" in parameters)

Make changes to Universe Test, export the universe and test it.

Once happy with testing, import and then save "Universe TEST.unv" (Named "Universe Test") as "Universe Live.unv" (Named "Universe Live") and export it back to the CMC. The CUID for Universe Live should remain unchanged so that existing reports do not become unbound.

At this point of exporting I get a message saying Universe Live already exists in the CMC and that if I continue the existing universe will be overwritten. If I continue I am finding that I achieve what I want - Universe Live CUID has been preserved.

However on lots of searches I have found guidance saying that overwriting universes should never be trusted as CUID will not be preserved. Was that guidance for older versions of universe designer - I am using 4.1. Am I going to come unstuck with this approach? The problem is I cannot say exactly what happened when my reports became unbound last time.