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Average IV Line per Patient per Day

Feb 06 at 07:48 PM


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I need some sort of formula or something that I could add to a crosstab or possibly a running total, etc...that will give me the average number of IV lines inserted into patients per day. I have the placement date\time and the type of line. So patient A may have had 3 lines inserted while in the hospital and patient B may have had 1 and patient C had 10. I need the average of these. Thanks in advance.

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1 Answer

Ian Waterman Feb 07 at 11:10 AM

Not sure what you want.

1 Average lines in a day for all patients. So in you example if that was one day the average would be 14/3 = 4.67


2 Average per patient for each day So in you example if the period was 3 days

Patient A = 0.33/day

Patient B = 1/day

Patient C = 3.33/day

If 1 then just group patients by Day in group footer add this formula


count(Insertions, datefield "daily")/Count(patientID, DateField, "daily")

If 2 group by patient and create a similar formula but this time counting days using Datediff() function


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