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Jun 13, 2008 at 09:43 AM

Could you help me regarding this invalid data within xth_data ??.


Dear All,

Could you kindly share me your experience to solve this case please .. 😊 ?

I have a problem when i'm using exit function. The data transfered to xth_data variable is invalid (not same like what displayed in layout).

The exit function belong to Level: Input Production .

In one planning area, I have 2 level:

1. Level: Input Production

It has char:

cal_year, cal_month, category, machine, market, mill, version

KF: Amount Sales, Capacity.

2. Level: Input Capacity Machine.

It has char: cal_year, cal_month, Machine, Mill, version.

KF: Capacity.

The steps to trigger the error:


I Input 5 Records in the level: Input Production.

=> the xth_data is still valid (data transfered to xth_data equals to data displayed in the layout).


I Input 90 Records in the level: Input Capacity Machine.


I have exit function in the planning level: Input Production. This objective to do some calculation for Amount Sales.

But why in this point, the xth_data has the invalid data ??? I mean, i can see the abundant data within xth_data ???

This data is beyond what we see in the layout at Planning Level: Input Production.

Why can it happen ?

Could you kindly help me to figure out this please .. 😊 .

Best regards,