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git "invalid committer" mixup SAP accounts


I have a problem committing in the SAP WebIDE to a remote git repository.

I am logged in with mail and PW of my S_User account "Sxxx3570" (mail address: git login using the same mail address. When I commit it says "REJECTED OTHER REASON, Error message invalid committer".

After 5 login tries I get an email " 5 failed login attempts but with a SCP trial User ID Pxxx5395 (mail address: So I guess SCP resp. git mixes up my SCP accounts. But both have different mail addresses. I tried:

- empty browser cache (as assumed in another thread)

- git login with S-user : doesn't work

- change the mail address in the git repository config (WebIDE)

I am confused how git stores the user accounts. In another thread ( there has been a hint that "You need to get rid of all commits by other users/emails". May be that is a step to the solution. But how is it done?

Kind regards


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4 Answers

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    Feb 12, 2018 at 03:02 PM

    Hi Tomer Epstein Michal Tall - Can you please assist?


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  • Feb 07, 2018 at 07:13 AM

    Hi Christian,

    When you get this error in Web IDE, you also get a link to our troubleshooting guide, have you taken a look at it?
    It says how to handle the "Invalid Committer" error:


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  • Feb 09, 2018 at 10:48 AM

    Hi Michal,

    thanks for your answer! I have considered the troubleshooting and changed general and project git settings to several variations which didn't help.

    Both mail addresses are valid. Let's name them and The address has changed because my company's name has changed.

    1. I can commit (remote push) a change using a local windows git client and mail address So my git rep mail address is obviously

    At SCP and WebIDE login is only possible for me using or my s-user as login name:

    2. When I push a change to the remote rep via WebIDE and git-login it says "Error: .. not authorized"

    3. When I push via WebIDE using S-User or for git authentication it says: "REJECTED_OTHER_REASON, Error message invalid committer."

    So my suggestions are:

    1. Change my SAP account mail address to Not nice but if it would work ok for me. I already did that but it had not an immediate effect. I could not login to SCP with that mail address. Does it take a while to have effect? Are accounts duplicated to several SAP platforms?

    2. Change my account/mail address in the git repository - I have no idea where to do that in SCP.

    May be this is rather a git problem but at the moment I am stuck with that.

    Regards Christian

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  • Feb 12, 2018 at 04:35 PM

    Hi Michal,

    I got the problem solved. Still don't know the exact reason but that's how it worked for me:

    I changed mail address of my SCP account to After 1 or 2 hrs I could login with that name. So all my settings used that mail address:

    - SCP account mail address

    - Preferences > Git Settings > Git Email Address

    - project > Git Repository Configuration >

    Remote push still didn't work. Then I changed my git user name. After changing remote push worked! I must have changed it during tries to fix the error.

    I guess for some reasons your git settings must remain the same once you have pushed something to the repository. Within another project of my company I had used that git account, my SCP account had a different mail address and it worked fine.

    So I am still a bit confused. May be this post will help someone else having the same problem.

    Regards Christian

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