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Problem statement : MD4C and MD04 does not show same exception messages with new order profile

Oct 25, 2016 at 03:37 PM


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Problem statement : MD4C and MD04 does not show same exception messages with new order profile .

I have created a new profile for Order report MD4C and set up based on "exceptions schedule deviations if any". Based on this setting, system proposes exception messages in MD04 screen. But for the same material in the order report , MD4C order report does not show exception message with red indicator. It shows with green colour without any exception message. Are there any additional settings required ? Does "MRP exceptions" button also has to be activated during in new order profile ?

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2 Answers

Caetano Almeida
Oct 25, 2016 at 08:04 PM


You cannot expect to see the same exception messages in MD04 and MD4C.

The Stock/Requirements List (Transaction MD04) shows the rescheduling exceptions from the complete materials point of view. That is a receipt is analyzed from multiple requirements point of view.

In the case of order report (Transaction MD4C), as the name suggests, it's a report for an order, or to be more precise it's a report for an MRP element. Therefore exceptions are shown with respect to a particular element.

Order report has limited exception messages and a simplified logic, exception messages in order report are rough indicators for the receipt from the requirements perspective. The flag "MRP Exceptions" in the order report profile settings (Transaction OPPF) is also introduced for the reasons explained above. It only controls whether to show or not to show the exception messages that are determined by the order report.


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Former Member Oct 26, 2016 at 06:31 AM

Hi Caetano

Thanks for your reply. Let me clarify my requirements.

In the new profile, I selected only the button "exceptions for schedule deviation if any with some days". I did not select "MRP exceptions field" in the new profile. Because my requirement is system should throw the exception messages only for schedule deviations and not for all as MRP Controller will not have enough time to attend all the exception messages. I wanted to filter exceptions messages only for schedule deviations.That is the reason I created new profile. Otherwise I can use the standard profile.

As per the setting in the new profile, It is showing requirement date and reschedule date with red colour in the order report. But It is not showing red colour in front of the material and not showing exception message "10 Order /PO Late" in the order report. In stead of that, it is showing green colour in front of the material and without exception message "10 Order/PO late". Because of the green colour in front of the material, user is getting confused " system is proposing to reschedule the PO but with green colour."

To make red in front of material and to get the exception message , I need to flag the MRP exceptions button in the new profile also. It is same as standard profile and does not solve the purpose of creating the new profile.

Do I need to flag both MRP exceptions and "exceptions for schedule deviation if any" even in this case to meet my requirements. Does it mean number of days used in the schedule deviations are the only difference between standard and new profile ?

Best Regards


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