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Rerun SVT Scenario

Feb 06 at 11:22 AM


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Hi Experts,

I am new to this SVT topic.

There is a prodcution issue and we found that the classification in materials are not maintained. Now the Flags are maintained under the Materials for the last few years. Now the challenge is they are asking me to rerun SVT again for this Materials. Please guide me what are the prerequisite to rerun Filling,Tracking,Archiving reports.. Any step by step help is highly appreciated.

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3 Answers

Jayakumar Indracanti Feb 07 at 11:23 AM


I understand that those material - raw materials / pure sub level data is already maintained in the system and their Legal Information is available in the CCRCT* tables. If yes, you can just run the report with period indicator in SVT Rerun. If you want to run for entire duration or if you want to run for a particular year. Choose accordingly. Also check for Archeived volumes if any and how to handle those as well.

Check RREGCH_RESTART_VT documentation.

Thanks and Regards


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Hi Jayakumar,

Thank you for the reply. If i understand correctly RREGCH_RESTART_VT is the rerun program right. Before executing this do i need to clear the CCRCT* tables for my scenario.?

Satyanarayana Reddy Feb 08 at 02:10 PM

Hello ,

As you are new to SVT first learn some basics for which substances we will run SVT scenario are what are the things it will monitor and which regulation we are doing the SVT is the most important things to keep in mind.

Please try to read below links.



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Christoph Bergemann Feb 10 at 12:04 PM


only some minor add on:

Before you start the "Rerun" process. Save the entries ! of the tables (e.g. EXCEL). If you know the materials which have been changed and after the rerun: you should check if you can see the expected resuslt of the rerun.

You should stop any "normal" tracking if you do a "rerun". The process might be (depending one scenario, amount of data etc.) a number of days to complete.


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Hi C.B,

Thanks for your reply, my scenario is for around 200,000 materials out of 40 million under the classification tab REACH Relevant and SVT relevant flag has been maintained as per the material type defined by us.which has been missed due to unknown situation, now . Does it qualify for the Rerun RREGCH_RESTART_VT or we can directly run the Tracking report RREGCH_VT ? Do we need to clear the entries from the table CCRCT_PU prior running this report? Kindly help me in this situation



to define the specifc "rerun scenario you need to define the "status" first.

E.G. we have at least two scenarios to run (normally). IMP, PRO; this is normally done in two seperate jobs. Boh scenarios are effected by this "relevance" topic. Then your "rerun" scenario depends on "time" Do we talk about a "rerun" only 2018? or going back to 2017, 2016 etc...

The "restart" report will clean tables as CCRCT_PU as well (check code). Therefore: you should first stop RREGCH_VT. Define the "restart" scenario and then schedule the job. If i remember correct: you can specify a list of materials for rerun: You should split the numbers (200.000 is a lot) (setting up more than one job)

You should "control" any day the result fo "rerun"; then you should stop rerun and go on with RREGCH_VT (but you will loose some time; depending on performance of system: may be you have to wait 1 - 2 weeks for the rerun before you should start normal tracking)

Keep in mind: the "SVT Relevance" maintenance is a "daily" business. If business is not looking on that; the same issue will come up

But before you start rerun: execute a general check of"composition" (any composition per REAL_SUB maintained)?

The SAP standard can not handle the situation that there is no composition. in Such cases only transaction CBRC10 will help. But if composition was missing: you have the next "rerun" scenario to look at

So like "SDS distribution" process: SVT process hould be checked at least once a week (anything fine? No composiiton missing? Any material (which need relevance) does have the "relevance" tag etc.), This is a major task for business (with support in most cases from IT people)


PS: regarding

"200,000 materials out of 40 million" => never have seen any company which uses 40 mil material numbers whcih are "EHS" relevant; In any case: Keep in mind: the "relevance" flag is only of interest if you have REAL_SUB - Material link. If this link does not exists SAP EHS SVT can not help. I assume: you can optimizes your SVT set up (and therefore as well impürove performance etc.)


Thank you for the detailed reply.

Yes we have different scenarios with IMP,PRO,USE,USES.. And we need to rerun for 2017 also.

It's my mistake We have only around 2 million materials.

Another question is we are using RREGCH_FILL and RREGCH_VT for filling and Tracking which uses Custom FM for filtering material which has REACH relevance flag set . and a custom Monitoring program which is extended for the OR scenario . If i execute the Rerun program RREGCH_RESTART_VT does this custom pose any risk?