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Timeout error -Facing timeout error in sender file adapter.

Feb 06 at 08:59 AM


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Hi PI/PO experts,

I am facing timeout error in my scenarios frequently not always. I have set poll interval 900 sec, timeout 300 sec and connect mode "per file transfer". Please let me know if this setting is correct, if not please clarify these thinks. Also please explain the relation between these three parameters - Poll interval, Time out and Connect Mode.

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What version is your PO? Mine is version 7.5

how come I don't see any setting icon saying connect mode "per file transfer" and timeout only apply to "Defining Operating System Commands Before/After Message Processing"

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1 Answer

Liz Jin
Feb 10 at 11:46 AM

Hello Ankur,

Let me explain the meaning for the three parameters:

poll interval: Number of seconds that the adapter is to wait if no files are found for processing.

timeout: the time interval after which the adapter is to cancel the transfer if no data is transferred between the client and the FTP server. The configuration of a timeout for FTP sessions that will interrupt the channel's processing if the server has not sent any data for longer than a configurable amount of time. In order not to break any existing scenarios, you need increase the timeout value. I recommend you to increase to 600.

"per file transfer":a new connection to the FTP server is established for each file transfer. while an existing connection to the FTP server is used for "Permanently".considering your poll interval is 900s, per file transfer will be OK. For the more frequent poll interval, "Permanently" is recommended to improve the performance.

There are no relation among these 3 parameters. I recommend you to increase the timeout to 600 and monitor it.

Best Regards,


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Thanks Liz for your response.

I have another query on this, if poll interval is lesser than timeout, for example: poll interval - 60 sec , timeout - 300 sec, in this case what will happen if file is too long and channel is taking more time to read that file.