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Oct 25, 2016 at 03:22 PM

How delta repeat works?



I have went through many posts regarding delta queue and delta repeat. I was trying out an example and got the below doubts.

I had read in some documents that when a new delta comes, the old "Delta Repeat" data will be overwritten? Is it true?

In my sample data load, there was some 10 delta records available in delta queue and the same was available in delta repeat. I triggered the infopackage with "delta update" and after that I can see that the "Delta update" is 0 and "Delta Repeat" is having those 10 records. Later new 5 records were created in ECC system, and after running the V3 jobs, I could see the newly created 5 records in "Delta Update", but in "Delta Repeat" i could see the old 10 records + new 5 records.

1. So, when the "Delta Repeat" will be cleared?

2. If my delta fails in the next delta load and if I use my "Delta Repeat" to retrieve my failed delta, will the previously loaded 10 records also be again updated to BW ?