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Feb 06, 2018 at 06:40 AM

How to get contracted developers to read, accept and adhere to development guidelines?

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Hi Folks,

as you can tell, my question is more of a process than technical nature and I'm basically looking for some ideas and how-to's.

Here is what we already have in place to make our development guidelines available:

  • Our guidelines are available online via an easy to access website
  • New developers should receive a two-page PDF-document via email with instructions where to find and how to access them. The 2nd page contains some important Do's and Don't Do's with links to the relevant sections in the overall guidelines
  • The guidelines can also be accessed via SE80/SE84 and if they don't get displayed there yet, developers get some information about how to have them show up (plus a link of where to find them online)

Where this often breaks down, is that the PDF-doc doesn't get send out in the first place and there's also no formal process to have the developer aknowledge that s/he received, read and understood the guidelines and plans to adhere to them.

Have any of you implemented some kind of process within SAP to streamline and document this? I'm for example wondering if it could work to send the PDF-document via the SAP Business Workplace as an express document to new developers, and have them aknowledge that they received and read them via response message. They'd then only get their developer keys after we received this response. Are there perhaps even some standard workflows for something like this?

Do you have other suggestions based on what is already done elsewhere?

Thanks for any feedback you have!