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MRS: backward integration from MRS to PM/CS

Feb 05 at 04:03 PM


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Dear MRS experts,

I use MRS 10 with PM/CS Order and HR resource as Resource class in Basic settings.
I have several questions related to MRS.

1) Allocated ressource : backward integration from MRS to PM/CS order
In MRS Planning Board (tcode /MRSS/PLBOORGSRV): when a ressource (HR Pers. number) is allocated to a demand I would like the corresponding PM/CS operation to be updated (field "Person. no" which is AFVGD-PERNR).
With the backward integration of splits it works fine but I'like to avoid splits and have the field "Person. no" updated.

2) System status DSPT (Scheduled) at operation level
Same question for system status DSPT at operation level.
I managed to integrate abstract status PLAN_FULL with a user status at operation level but not with a system status like DSPT at operation level.

3) Display demand address in Planning Board
I would like to display the address of the demand (work order address in my case) in Planning Board (e.g. in the worklist).
I've found BAdI /MRSS/RSG_DEMAND_ADRESS_GET with a standard implementation that allocate an address to a demand which is fine but I cannot find the way to display this address it in the Worklist.

How can I achieve this?

Thank you very much for your help


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2 Answers

Philippe Tsalos Apr 27 at 09:05 AM

For question #3 (address) :

  1. I created some address fields (such as Street, House no, etc.) in MRS customizing
  2. I implemented BAdI /MRSS/RSG_DEMAND_ADRESS_GET to get the address I needed (work order address)
  3. I created a class (with interface /MRSS/IF_SGE_WL_ATT) to map the address fields to the fields created in MRS custo

I still wonder if there is a more standard way to achieve this. If so please explain



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Mohammed Yakub Shah
May 29 at 06:37 AM

For Q #1.

this is possible with 1:1 assignments in MRS

For Q # 2.

You can do abstract status mapping for DSPT as well at item level. Read the documentation in /MRSS/IMG for abstract status.

Q#3 is already answered I see.



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