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Unable to activate batch management in material master

Feb 05 at 12:09 PM


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This question may have been asked many times but since my issue was not resolved i am posting it here again.

I am trying to enable batch management in a finished goods material ( already existing one ) but unable to do and the error says " Physical inventory running at storage location level "

What i have done so far :

1, Cleared stock current and previous period - Table MARDH ,material master , MMBE shows zero stock for both periods.

2,No Purchase requisition exist

3, All process orders are TECO'd.

One thing that i have noticed was that Table MARD - KZILL ( warehouse stock) has X indicated. Not sure if it is relevant. Please help.

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2 Answers

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Jürgen L
Feb 05 at 12:22 PM

KZILL = Physical inventory indicator for whse stock in current year

And your message is "Physical inventory running at storage location level"

Yes it is relevant. You have an active physical inventory document where this material is part of, check in MI24

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Derek Logan Feb 11 at 08:07 AM

Hi Jurgen,

Thank you so much. There was a document exist which now has been deleted.

I have a quick question : As i have already mentioned, i had TECO'd all the process order but still while changing batch management indicator in material master there was an warning messages says " Production order already exist for the material " Message no. MM065.

Above warning restricting me from moving further ? what should i do ? No ordrers are in released status in COOISPI all TECO'd.

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A warning message is in general not an error message. Just hit enter and see what happens.

If it then turns out to be an error and SAP won't let you activate batch management then you have to archive the production order.

The basic problem is that you could at any time reset the TECO and continue working with this order and this could then create inconsistencies.


Hi Jurgen,

Thanks for the comment. I better CLSD the orders.


Hello Derek,

status TECO or CLSD is not enough. You really need to archive this orders if you want to change the batch management flag. See KBA 1873593