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HANA Database Explorer/WebIDE - blank results display on calculation view with selection criteria

Feb 05 at 11:36 AM


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I have been attempting to complete the exercises from the openSAP HANA development course (github - on my HANA Express 2.0 VM. I have created two calculation views from the exercises with selection criteria that need to be entered when executing the query. In both cases, when I run the query, I get a completely blank screen in the database explorer in WebIDE (PurchaseOrders and SALESORDER_RANKING_AND_DISCOUNT). It's not a screen where it is displaying zero rows - it is completely blank (ie no column names, no grid for results etc). If I remove the selection parameters and just make it a 'select everything' view it works fine and the output displays. As soon as I add the selection parameters back, I get a white screen again and no warnings/error messaging at all.

Is anyone else experiencing this? How would I go about troubleshooting this as I am getting no indication of any error?

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Can't promise anything, but a screenshot of what you are seeing might help us help you.


Hi Lucia

Thanks for responding. I have attached a screen shot of my results screen in WebIDE (image4.png). If I use 'Open SQL console' instead of 'Open Data', I get the SQL and result set correctly, so I know the query is working. If I remove the variable from the selection, the 'Open Data' option works correctly (image1.png).

Any ideas?


image4.png (10.6 kB)
image1.png (68.6 kB)
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