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Jun 12, 2008 at 02:15 PM

Formatting error in the field COBL-PRCTR; see next message


Hi Gurus,

Please do the needful

After executing f.05 andwhen we execute the batch input session in SM35-when we are processing the batch-IE SAPF100- the profit centers are not taking automatically.

Users are specifying profit centers manually while executing bdc.

The following message apears in the LOG

*The first message is*

Formatting error in the field COBL-PRCTR; see next message

Message no. 00298


During batch input or when executing CALL TRANSACTION... USING a screen field was filled with an invalid input format.

System Response

Processing was terminated.


The screen field has the technical name COBL-PRCTR . The cause of the error is described in the following message.

Correct the appropriate BDC data.

_The Second message is

_ Fill in all required entry fields

Message no. 00055


You have attempted to update data or start an action. However, not all required information was specified.

System Response

The system could not execute the action.


Enter all required information. Fields in which you must enter data are prefilled with a checkmark or question mark ("?") by the system. If the current screen contains tabs, check all tabs to make sure you have filled in all required fields. Then restart the action.

I checked the settings like in

3KEH -default profit centers have assigned correctly

IN OB09 -also I checked and assignments are correct.

IN OBC4&OB41- checked in Field status group.

The gl accounts are not cost elements - so there is no account assignment in OKB9(no settings).

I tried for different company code u2013Its working perfectly.