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Jun 12, 2008 at 02:11 PM

Guide on how to use a self programmed BAPI in Visual Composer


Hi all,

I am absolutely new to modelling with the Visual Composer, so probably this is a fairly easy question for most of you, but it's driving ME nuts.

I have a BAPI in my ERP6 system. This BAPI was programmed by some other guy (not working here anymore) and it is used to output some time management data for a user. It expects a personnel number as input and is then supposed to return the amount of time an employee worked that day.

Now what I need/want to do is this:

a user logs on to the portal with his user-id and I want to create an iView on the first page that displays his/her remaining time of work for that day.

All I have is the user-id, from which I need to query the personnel number from infotype105 and then use this number as input for the BAPI - And I want to do this with the Visual Composer!

Can someone point me to some good documentation how to get started with using a BAPI in Visual Composer?

I have a sesond problem right now, that has something to do with necessary rights for system connection or system alias - not sure:

Right now, I can't see any BAPI in my backend-system, because I seem to be mssing the necessary rights to use the system connection I created - although group everyone has read access to the connection an I setup SSO between portal and ERP system.

So maybe solme of you gurus might be able to point me to some good documentation on these topics, as I'm kinda stuck here 😔