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Jun 12, 2008 at 01:27 PM

Query timeout due to use of ZIIP processors ?


We have users running a planning transaction SAPLRSBOLAP_BICS_CONSUMER from EP to BW.

The query generated by this transaction times out after 600 seconds. When we look at the data about the query in DB2 -> statement Cache, we see Elapsed time = 197.5 sec, CPU time = 0.5 sec, 'other wait time' = 197 sec. Using RMF we see a huge amount of activity on the ZIIP processors while the query is running.

If I submit the identical query from SPUFI directly on the same DB2 subsystem, it completes succesfully within 2 sec.

Any suggestion on why the query would be executed differently when submitted from SAP than when running from TSO ?