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eCATT - Import EDIDD IDOC Data - SDATA cutoff @100 character

Feb 05 at 08:06 AM


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I am currently writing an application that converts incoming IDOCs to XMLs.

To test the conversion I have created an eCATT data container with the parameter EDIDD_TT. To populate the data I can export the data from the production system (Table EDID4). But when I try to import my data over the table control the data is cutoff at 100 chars max, especially problematic with the "SDATA".

To fix it I have manually open the row and the column in ecatt to have a full text editor to enter the data for EACH row.

Is it possible to easily import multiple rows without importing the sdata for each line manually? Maybe importing it via csv or whatever?

A possible workaround would be an abap program that imports a csv file and writes it into my testdata container.

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Mike Pokraka Feb 05 at 02:36 PM

You can import from an XML file. Easiest is if you export first and then follow the structure and add your data in the same format.

Note that on my system (7.50), I can export all variants together or a single variant's table data, but I can only import all variants at once.

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This wouldn't be effective as I would need to fill the SDATA manually for each row. Using Excel won't work because I cannot save the data after editing.

I am searching a way to copy all rows at ones. Maybe there is a way over testscripts? I need to extract the data of one idoc (multiple rows) of EDID4.


No, you can upload the whole lot in one go.

The work in between is to transform the IDOC into the correct XML. This can be done using ABAP or other tools. What I suggested is to download a dataset containing 2 or 3 rows, from which you can determine what the SDATA part should look like.

If it's a one-off for a handful of IDOCs you could probably do it manually using a good text editor or even Excel. Otherwise an ABAP report to spit IDOC data out in the needed XML format should be quite easy.


I am searching no solution to convert the idocs into xmls.

I need to import existing data from the table edid4 into the ecatt testdatacontainer. I have now written a tool to import csv files into ecatt testdatacontainers.


It should not be difficult. Just read from EDID4 and wrap each entry with tags.