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Jun 12, 2008 at 12:45 PM

cross company stock transp - billing


Dear All,

I've created:

1. PO

2. Delivery with reference to PO

3. picking and PGI for the Delivery

4. GR for Delivery

Now, I would like to do billing, and I get the Delivery in VF04. The problem is that I receive error message and checking the log SAP say to me:

1. The bill-to party could not be determined

2. The payer could not be determined

I've found a page concerning this:

I don't know what these mean exactly:


'Configure SD for inter-company billing to enable picking up the pricing procedure for billing. Carry Out delivery through process delivery due list and billing through process billing due list.'


'Assign Customer No. to the Purchasing Plant for the Inter-Compnay Invoice (but you need to assign this to the Sales Organization pre-assigned to the Purchasing Plant), IMG-SD-Billing-InterCompany Billing-Define Internal Customer No. by Sales Org***and by the way for the Invoice to work between Cross-Compnay Plants, you need also to have a Sales Org for the Supplying Plant and a Pricing Determination '

I don't know how to defone pricing determination - can it cause this error?

I defined customer master for plant1 under companycode2 and I defined customer master for plant2 under companycode1.

In SPRO > SD > Billing > Intercompany Billing > DICNBSO I defined customer1 for plant1 and customer2 for plant2.

I don't know what shall I do. Could someone help in this issue?



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