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Jun 12, 2008 at 12:23 PM

Dumping variables


I need to find some errors with logic which is really complicated (a lot of export to database, exports to memory, idoc used to pass data, no documentation, some task are run in job or run using submit at one time). So the logic is non-linear.

For some submits and jobs I want to check what is passed using

"export to database" or what state have some variables. Running programs used in jobs manually is useless while they are using exports and imports.

Is there in ABAP any functionality which allows dumping variables to string like print_r() in PHP or vardump() or maybe there is possibility to store variables values in logs. I assume that such functionality is somewhere in SAP, because we can see dump of variables in st22.

I tried to force shortdump by divide by zero, but included in st22 dumps of variables are not satisfying me.

Any idea what to do?