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Why SAP is encoding source code for standard HCI Mapping? Is there a way to decode it?

Feb 06 at 09:45 AM


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Hello HCI/SCI experts.

We have up&running replication between C4C and CRM, through HCI. We are using most of standard flows for a while. Almost all flows contain quite much enhancements of a mapping.

As you know SAP is continuously update standard mapping including groovy functions within mapping.

We want to keep our enhanced flows in sync with standard changes, but simply overwriting Mapping is too risky because some of enhancements might be lost and adjusting standard mapping is a big effort.

Another option is to move SAP changes manually. Here we met an issue that we are no more able to see source code of new functions, which are using within a mapping. If you open a mapping file (preciously exported from archived flow) there is a compressed/encoded string, which is not readable

Example below is taken from CRM_COD_Business_Activity_Replicate_Bulk and looks as following in web editor: embedded function addSeconds was part of SAP Update.

Can you suggest how to get original code from the mapping or is there are better way to move changes to enhanced flows?

encoded.png (29.7 kB)
encoded.png (57.0 kB)
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Morten Wittrock Feb 06 at 11:47 AM

Hi Olegs

Those two equals signs at the end of the string is an indication it's probably Base64 encoded. And indeed, that turned out to be the case. You need to decode it, using a tool or language of your choice, and then uncompress the contents twice (the contents is probably a zipped JAR file).

Have fun!



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