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How to get the TOTAL row/column in this report

Hi guys,

Just wanted to ask how can I get the TOTAL part in this report?

I already got the TOTAL in the ROW part, the one with 100%, 28%, 33%, 38% and 100%, 26%, 33%, 41%.

However, I can't figure out how to get the TOTAL in the COLUMN section. I already tried several ways like using SUMRT, constant selection, exception aggregation, and other ways I could think but I still can't get it. I can only manage to get the PERCENTAGE in COLUMN based on the total value of all plants and not per PLANT.

This is my result for now. Columns in RED have incorrect values.

My idea for now is to get the SUM of each plant per type so I will have the denominator for the computation in the TOTAL column part but I wasn't able to get it.

Any help?


The KEYFIGURE being used is NON-CUMULATIVE so constant selection is not working. Below is the error message.

Thank you.


delete.jpg (54.6 kB)
delete.jpg (53.9 kB)
delete.jpg (76.2 kB)
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    Feb 07, 2018 at 03:03 PM

    Hi Loed,

    ist your "Total" Column the sum of A+B+C and then calculated as percentages?

    Can you create a calculated KF as A+B+C and then use the query setting for single values "Normalize According to next level" or to toal?

    Best regards


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    • Yeah..Got new idea about the NORMALIZATION thing.. :-D

      Hahaha...We are on the same page, I also do not like the new forum..l noticed that BW guys who were actively answering questions before the migration are already inactive now..Before, I can see several posts in the forums related to BW (especially in BEx), but right now it takes a week or two before I see new posts..

      Anyway, hoping to see more active BW guys again in the forum.. :-)

      Thanks again!