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Unable to put Break Point Enhancement is Switched off after Quality Refreshment

Feb 06 at 06:59 AM


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Dear All,

Good Morning,

I am facing a issue in update LIPS table. When i am creating a delivery to PO Number from PORTAL in LIPS table POSNR Field is updating with wrong values.

Example: PO No: 1001068 for this po number 10 line items is there 10,20,30......90,100.

if i selected 80,90 line items from portal in LIPS table POSNR field is updating with 10,20 items instead of 80,90 items number.

Actually before Quality Refreshment it is working fine, but After Quality Refreshment this issue is coming. when i am trying to put break points to some Enhancement Spots it is telling

"Break point is not set while Enhancement is in Switched off".But when i am creating delivery from VL31N from ECC it is updating with correct values.

How to resolve this issue, Could you please suggest me some valuable tips.

Thanks And Regards,


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4 Answers

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Sandra Rossi Feb 06 at 08:31 AM

Please read the documentation of the Switch Framework. Transaction codes are SFW*. Be careful, if you switch on a business function "by error", you probably won't be able to switch it off, and you'll have to reinstall the whole system. Your enhanced object is linked to a switch via its package, and the package is linked to the business function. And the business function is linked to a business function set. Good luck.

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Hello Sandra,

Thank you for your valuable information.

Actually this Standard Enhancements Switch on who will do, is it any Basis team team will do or only Abaprs need to activate it.

prabhakar s Feb 06 at 12:25 PM

Hello All,

Thank you for all given me your valuable information, Any proper document is available for this activation.

Any Basis Guys need to require to active the Business functions.

Thanks and Regars,


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Rajkumar Narasimman Feb 06 at 07:59 AM

Did you manually activate the enhancement by clicking activate button(quality system) and checked it.

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Isaac Prince Chikovore Feb 06 at 09:22 AM


Check which business function is referred to and check in DEV environment if it is on/off in transaction SFW5. Is this a custom enhancement by you or by SAP?


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