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Header discount on PO net value without changing net price in line items

Hi All,

I did post a question some time back but was not able to follow up and now the question is archived. The question which was posted long back which i did not get a response was in

One of our vendor gives a discount of 5% on the total PO value. For example PO has 2 lines

line 10 -1CS=20$

line 20 -1CS=40$

Total =60$

We wanted to apply a discount condition on the header where net price of the line item will not change. That is

line 10- 1CS=20$

Line 20- 1CS=40$

Total before discount=60

Total after discount=60 -3=57$


GR postings

Material cost 1=20

GR/IR for material 1=19

Discount accrued for material 1=1

Material cost 2=40

GR/IR for material 2=38

Discount accrued for material 2=2


Invoice posting

Vendor =57

GR/IR for material 1=19

GR/IR for material 2 =38


I tried setting the condition type as accrual. However the issue is that the vendor invoice(GR/IR ) will still be posted for 60. When i change the accrual flag the net value in the PO line items change , which we do not want to change. Can we have a way to achieve the above.

Please let me know if you require any details

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2 Answers

  • Feb 05, 2018 at 06:01 PM

    I thought I had answered this already with the link to the documentation, for your convenience now the exact sentence from the docu:

    Header conditions apply to all items in the document and are automatically distributed to the items.

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    • Thanks Jurgen. I understand that piece. But going through the sdn answers i see a lot of contradictory statements. Refer to the question posted in The response was such that RL01 was used and the system had done the posting as per expectation. I have inserted the screen shot of the response.

      If the above statement is wrong , how does SAP handle this if vendor normally pays a discount on the total PO level. How do SAP handle payment of accrued discounted value which we will have to pay.

      I am looking at it from a freight standpoint as well

      Freight is handled as a header accrued condition , the PO net value does not get affected and the freight value gets accrued. In MIRO on selecting planned delivery cost + PO both the cost gets paid. How can we handle discounts in a similar way where the vendor gets paid the discounted amount. Let me know if you need any further information

      sdn.jpg (40.9 kB)
  • Feb 05, 2018 at 08:38 PM

    The OP replied that it does not work. Have you tried his suggestion? This would be the best way to find out whether the info is right or wrong.

    I see in this other discussion no information about the number of items, and as well not anything about header conditions. As you can see from the screenshot the difference is posted to price difference. Which is anyway the case if SAP cannot distribute the difference to stock when the stock has already been issued. So this screenshot is not much of evidence

    Why do you want this discount in one amount instead of accepting that you get a portion from each item.

    Do you have tried the flag for statistical condition, as this is supposed to not consider this condition in the net price calculation. see slides 14 and 40 ff

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