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2001 Record Generation through PCR

Feb 05 at 11:35 AM


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Dear Guru's

Requirement: On (02.05.2017) employee doesn't have 2011,2001, 2002 & 2003 records. so I need to deduct Casual Leave Quota (07) if no quota balance LWOP.

LWOP Scenarios working fine.

Quota updating is taking place but no records are showing in 2001 or 2006 for deduction clarity to employee

Actual Entitlement: 7 Days (2006) on 02.05.2017

after Time evaluation it is reducing as 6 Days

I have written PCR as below for quota updation

As per this rule, it is updating quota.(Reducing Entitlement directly) I cant able to see day wise deduction anywhere. to show employee.

Kindly guide me for my requirement.



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3 Answers

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Former Member Feb 08 at 01:08 PM


You can't generate an absence type in IT2001 through an operation in a PCR. I do belive you can use FM 'HR_INFOTYPE_OPERATION' to create records in infotypes but I haven't used it myself.


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Thanks for your Sugession...

Rémi Corriveau Feb 09 at 05:51 PM

Do you generate the Quota Allowance through a PCR?

What Time Type is used to generate the Quota Allowance?

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I am using 9P01 Time Type for Quota Balance. accrual is taking place on 1st of Jan.


How is your Quota Allowance generated on January 1st? Through a pcr or through the configuration tables?

What is the Time Tytpe used to generate the Quota Allowance (in table view V_T559E) ?

As you mentioned, Time Type 9P01 it the Quota Balance (not the Allowance).

Brendan Gibbons Feb 12 at 10:55 AM


A couple of observations.

If you require a record on IT2001 then the recommendation would be to have it keyed (Time Managers Workbench, PA30 etc).

You could try developing a custom function (or operation) using FM HR_INFOTYPE_OPERATION which does work well for IT maintenance, but I imagine getting your code to deal correctly with retro calculations would be a big head ache.

If you just need to be able to report on these adjustments then you could just store the adjustment value in a Time Type prior to calling UPDTQ. The value you want will then be available on the TES table.

Alternatively another approach would be to use a time type in conjunction with the QUOTA function rather then directly with UPDTQ. That way you would additionally end up with a record of the adjustment on the QTACC table which could be reported on


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