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Feb 05, 2018 at 09:05 AM

ECC-TM Integration Issue


Hi Experts,

We have ECC-TM integration for our client. Whenever we are creating/changing PO based on the TM custom fields XML message will be sent to TM. In the development environment, we are facing the issue the XML message is not triggering from ECC to TM. We debugged the issue(as mentioned in OSS Note 2421924: Debugging PO in ECC-TM Integration) the through the class CL_SE_PUR_TRQSUITEREQUEST and method PROCESS_OUT and found that method MAP_TRANSPORTATION_MODE_OUT parameters are missing while calling from the local report /1GY/201303052221439172850. I have tried to edit the report but couldn't able to edit as we are getting the error "You can't edit the R3TR TABL /1GY/201303052221439172850 in standard editor". As in other environments like the quality system, the local report name is different and it is working fine. I am assuming that the changes are done through the customizing request but not sure how we can modify. Kindly help me to solve this.

Thanks and Regards,
ZakirAppas A