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New fields not showing on Freight order UI

Feb 03 at 09:39 AM


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have add a new Group of fields onto the Fo General tab using FPM Customizing.I have also removed some non-used Standard fields using the same technique. The fields are removed, but the new area is not showing. See screenshots below. Is there something that I have to activate?

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2 Answers

Dragos Mihai Florescu
Feb 04 at 08:41 AM

Dear Petra,

you did everything right from UI perspective However, the properties of some UI fields are sometimes controlled by backend. In this very case, the two fields are enabled only if the FO was created out of an ERP shipment (see method GET_ROOT_PROP of class /SCMTMS/CL_TOR_FC:

As your screenshot depicts a manually created document, the fields are disabled and thus are invisible on the screen. If you however open an order created out of an ERP shipment, they should be displayed.


fieldcontrol.png (34.9 kB)
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Hi Dragos,

This behaviour (backend controlled UI Fields) can be overridden by the Feeder class parameter "Display Fields always" right?

If not, is this option only for the screens that you build in FLUID ergo front-end?

Best Regards,

Sander Knoll

PS: I noticed that my adress fields weren't visible. After entering the location ID, the fields are shown. That is why i use this option.

capture.png (17.4 kB)
Petra Hunger Apr 29 at 09:59 AM

Thanks for your help, Dragos. it works !

sol1.jpg (27.9 kB)
sol2.jpg (152.3 kB)
sol3.jpg (77.8 kB)
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