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Finding where used list of Document 'Technical Name' in SOLDOC transaction of Solution Manager

Dear Team,

This is to inform you Our Client has migrated their Solution manager from 7.1 to 7.2

Most of the Custom applications designed and developed on 7.1 are obsolete in the Documentation area.

Now we are currently working on rebuilding custom programs built on 7.1 on to 7.2

Request you to provide a Class and method details which would give us where used list of

Document 'Technical Name' in SOLDOC.

Say one document has Technical name as RICEF01264. Given the Technical Name 'RICEF01264' as input I would like to know the list of all the Elements in SOLDOC where Technical Name is RICEF01264. Similar feature is already available in SOLAR_EVAL of 7.1 version.

We definitely need your help and support.

Thanks & Regards,


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1 Answer

  • Feb 05, 2018 at 09:25 AM

    Hi Santosh,

    in this case the fastest query is using enterprise search: CL_SMUDE_API with interface

    IF_SMUDE_NODE_SEARCH method SEARCH_NODES. If you fill parameter it_attr_value_ranges with the attribute type and value you will get all elements with this attribute returned.

      "! Search elements in a branch.
      "! Only elements for which the caller has display authorizations are returned.
      "! The input parameters are connected by a logical AND operation.
      "! This API only works if the Embedded Search infrastructure comprising TREX, BWA or HANA, and the corresponding search connectors, is correctly configured.
      "! Due to the nature of the Embedded Search, there is a latency between the data in the database and the data in the search index.
      "! The search results may therefore differ from the actual instance data in some cases (for instance, when searching immediately after saving a change).
      "! So the use of the search API is only recommended if the accuracy of the retrieved information is not critical.
      "! @parameter i_search_string           | If not initial, only elements containing the string in one or more of their attributes, are returned.
      "! @parameter i_root_occ                | Branch in which the elements are searched.
      "! @parameter i_scope_id                | USE INSTEAD OF VIEW_ID: If not initial, only elements included in the scope are searched.
      "! @parameter i_view_id                 | OBSOLETE: USE I_SCOPE_ID instead: If not initial, only elements of the view provided are searched. Since public views are deprecated this works only for the internal view of a scope
      "! @parameter is_starting_node          | If not provided, root element = starting element of the branch provided. If provided, element must exist.
      "! @parameter is_search_parameters      | Technical parameters for the search. The following default values are used for empty parameters:
      "!                                          <ul>
      "!                                            <li><strong>Start index:</strong> 1 (the search results list starts with the first search result).</li>
      "!                                            <li><strong>Maximum number of results:</strong> 500 results.</li>
      "!                                            <li><strong>Timeout:</strong> 10 seconds.</li>
      "!                                            <li><strong>Language:</strong> Unrestricted. The search is performed across all languages.</li>
      "!                                            <li><strong>Wildcards:</strong> Wildcards are inserted into the search string automatically.</li>
      "!                                            <li><strong>Only search in title:</strong> No. The search string is matched against the values of all attributes.</li>
      "!                                            <li><strong>Check element existence:</strong> No. The existence of the elements is not checked before delivering the search result.</li>
      "!                                            <li><strong>Check the status of the search infrastructure:</strong> No. The status of the search infrastructure is not checked.</li>
      "!                                            <li><strong>Follow references:</strong>No. The search scope is not broadened by following references.</li>
      "!                                          </ul>
      "! @parameter it_obj_type_filter        | If not initial, only elements of the object types provided are searched.
      "! @parameter it_group_filter           | If not initial, only elements in the groups provided are searched.
      "! @parameter it_attr_value_ranges      | Attribute value ranges (selection table). Only non-hidden attribute types which you can see at the UI are supported.
      "! @parameter et_nodes                  | Headers of the elements found. The sequence number is not filled.
      "! @parameter e_max_num_results_reached | True if the maximum number of search results specified in the search parameters is reached.
      "! @parameter et_messages               | Error and/or warning messages that were produced during execution
      "! @parameter e_infrastructure_status   | Status of the search infrastructure (values in constant c_infrastructure_status). It only contains a value if infrastructure check was requested via search parameter.
      "! @raising   cx_smude_failure          | Raised if function was interrupted by an error.
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