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#ABAP_TRIAL - A list of questions I haven't seen answered yet...

Feb 02 at 08:02 PM


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Howdy folks,

Like many others, I am trying to install the SAP NetWeaver AS ABAP 7.51 SP02 package available from the SAP store.

I've been following the excellent guide written by Julie Plummer (Newbies Guide: Installing ABAP AS 751 SP02 on Linux) and things have gone fairly smoothly, except for a few hitches. Here are my questions:

1. When I start the Linux VM does the SAP server instance start automagically? Or do I need to manually start it? The Concise implementation guide suggests the server needs to be started and stopped manually.

2. Regarding the SAP GUI installer that comes bundled with the .RAR files; is it just a patch for an existing GUI installation, or is it supposed to install the entire GUI? I am running Windows 10 and this is a clean, brand new install. When I launch the GUI installer that came packaged with the ABAP AS server installation, I get the following message:

"Welcome to the SAP Front End patch wizard

This SAP Front End patch cannot be applied. Either the installed components are already on the same patchlevel or the components to be patched are not installed."

This leads me to believe the SAP GUI installer is just meant to patch an existing GUI installation. Is that correct?

3. This leads me to question 3. I have a personal user account / S-number and my understanding is this *cannot* be used to download the SAP GUI. In order to get download privileges to the SAP GUI, I need an S-number provisioned through an administrator who is an SAP customer. Is that correct, or is my personal S-number just not registered correctly?

I am genuinely confused about how end users are supposed to download the SAP GUI for Windows if it's only available to SAP customers. :(

4. In the Concise implementation guide, examples are given for starting and stopping the SAP instance

  • Switch to user npladm with default password: su npladm
  • Start the SAP system : startsap ALL

When I try this command, Xterm says that the command is not found. This suggests to me that there is something wrong with my SAP installation, but I got the requisite success messages when I finished the installation so I am a bit confused. Is that command not relevant to 7.51?

Thanks very much in advance!


PS - Hi Julie (if you're reading this)! Thank you so much for taking the time to write those guides, they are very helpful. :)

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Pst... If you start typing @ followed by the person's name then that person gets a notification they've been mentioned. Don't tell anyone!

Jelena Perfiljeva

"Don't tell anyone!"


In this case, though, please feel free to @ notify me if there are any #ABAP_Trial questions I should be attending to.

As I said below, #ABAP_Trial is not a primary tag. I try to sort through #ABAP_Development, but I miss things through sheer volume.

Also, I notice you've been answering a few trial questions yourself. This is brilliant! Any time.

Thanks Julie.


If you don't get an answer here - you may want to add this in a comment in the blog.


...or post separate questions.


Hi Michelle, No please don't. I am slower than I would like, but if I can't answer a question, I will try to dispatch it to someone who can. I don't always monitor ABAP Dev blogs, simply because there are too many.

Posting separate questions is good - but not the same question in 2 places.

Thanks and best wishes to you all,



I meant - add the comment to your blog. So it must already be there! ;) Since a blog was referenced, if I have issues, I usually post a comment on the blog.


Hi, OK, I wasn't sure. In this case, however, I'm asking people not to do that, because it is very hard to search through pages and pages of comments (we have about 80 A4 pages of comments on one of the blogs), so people end up posting the same questions over and over. Also, many questions are not ABAP version-specific, but the blogs are, so the same question can be posted on different blogs, making it hard for people to find.

For that reason, I am begging people to make questions more discoverable (in future, not just for me right now) by using the #ABAP_Trial hashtag and posting a question. I am *hoping* this can be made a primary tag, which will speed things up considerably. If anyone wants to make sure I see their question, feel free to add a notify : Julie Plummer .

I always process the questions first, the blog comments after.

I am sorry, it's not ideal, but it's something I want to address with my manager next week.

Thanks for getting involved, though - I hope that Dev. experience will slowly improve.

Best wishes Julie.


I didn't even think about that! It's much easier to search questions than comments on a blog. I suppose look at the questions above would be a good answer to the comments as well.

Yes, searching first is always good!



;-). I honestly think most problems lie with the process, not the people. Hopefully, the process will improve over time.

All the best, Julie.


Hi everyone! Thanks for the responses. Jelena Perfiljeva the hint concerning the '@' command is very useful. :)

Thank you so much for taking the time to answer my questions Julie Plummer ! I regret that I've been unable to respond until now; I didn't realize notifications were turned off in my profile. I will try using the lowercase version of "startsap all" and report back. In the Concise Implementation Guide I linked to in my original post, the nomenclature used is uppercase ALL.

In general, the issue of what is available without a (customer) S-user is vexed: I will be raising this with my manager and let you know.

Were you able to find out more about giving access to the SAP GUI? Perhaps I need to go through a support channel somewhere? I am presuming I can't run the SLICENSE transaction without the GUI?

Thanks again,



One other point of information. The S-number I was using is very old and has been deactivated, which explains why it was not working in the SAP service marketplace. :)

I'm attempting to set up this SAP instance of 751 for a personal project without the influence of my current company so I've created a new profile and linked the two. The new profile currently does not have an S-number.

Julie Plummer Thanks again for taking the time to reply to my questions. :) I will mark this thread as complete, and if I am unable to start my SAP instance using the "startsap all" command I will create a new thread.

As for downloading a copy of the GUI, I'm not sure if that can be done without an S-number, but that's a question for the SAP GUI community. :)

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Julie Plummer
Feb 12 at 10:53 AM

Hi Matt,

First of all, I apologize for the delay: Since #ABAP_Trial is not a primary tag, I can't follow it (an issue I will try to resolve with the Community Team). In the meantime, I have actually been telling people to notify me : Julie Plummer (@ julie.plummer). Feel free to do that next time.


1, 4: "When I start the Linux VM does the SAP server instance start automagically? Or do I need to manually start it? The Concise implementation guide suggests the server needs to be started and stopped manually. ["startsap ALL" doesn't work]."

Sadly, no, automagic is not a feature. Yet. You need "startsap all" - lowercase. I don't think this indicates a problem with your installation. If this doesn't work, please let me know.

That is why I point to the Concise Implementation guide at the end of the Newbies' Guide. (The next version of the Newbies' Guide will be a PDF, so it will contain all this information.).

2,3: At present, that is correct: the SAP GUI for Windows install is a patch, not a full install. We are looking into this for 752, but I cannot promise anything. If a full version becomes available for 752 (or later), I will announce that when it arrives.

In general, the issue of what is available without a (customer) S-user is vexed: I will be raising this with my manager and let you know.

I will update this question as soon as I have further information.

Thanks for your nice comments about the blog!

Best wishes


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Hi Matt,

First of all, you should be able to use SAP GUI for Java or SAP GUI for HTML ("Webgui") for any time you need a SAP GUI.

I am meeting my manager next week. I apologize for the delay. I have been ill.

Best wishes Julie.