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DSM Deployment Misleading Messages

Feb 02 at 06:51 AM


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In BRF+, decision tables are created and maintained data in system A. BRF+ function is deployed using DSM to system B.

Issue: After DSM deployment, i get a success message that new code generated in system A. But, I do not get the data in system B in case some of the decision tables are inactive while DSM deployment. Is it possible to get any error message in this case so that users can understand that decision table is inactive or anything similar.

Is there any settings available to tackle this issue?

Kindly advise .

Thanks and Regards,


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Christian Lechner
Feb 07 at 02:51 PM

Hi Eldho,

assuming that the DSM setup is correct, I would assume that this is a bug in DSM. When you execute a deployment the result should be executable in the target system. I would therefore recommend to open a ticket at SAP to take a look into the issue.

Best regards


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Yes. DSM setup is correct. I think its better to open a ticket at SAP.

2 Points to be more descriptive.

  • If any of the decision tables are inactive during DSM deployment, deployment will not be successful actually. But, I get message that DSM deployment is successful. But, I do not get any values in the managed systems. This message misleads us.
  • Suppose I did a DSM deployment with inactive decision tables and I got a message that deployment is done successfully. Now, if I go to the inactive decision tables and make it active and do a DSM deployment, I get a message that deployment not required as the code is already active. So, DSM deployment does not happen this time and the managed system will not get the BRF+ decision table data. This is again confusing. In this case, if I change any data in any of the decision table and do DSM deployment, everything works fine. But, this does not seem to be a correct logical process.

Do you know if these settings are already available in SAP standard for DSM.

Thank you and Best regards,



Hi Eldho,

your first point is imho a severe bug, as a deployment of inactive objects must not happen. So I would say it is not about the message but the system behavior.

Your second point is a follow-up error caused by the wrong system behavior described before. The data in the system seems not to recognize the active/inactive state, so just switching the state will not cause the system to pick that action up as a real change (and, hence, no deployment is enabled)

When you open the ticket you should describe both scenarios to give support a holistic view on the topic.

I currently do not have a DSM system at hand, so I cannot state if this bug is already fixed or not.

Best regards