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Assign MTS inventory to sales order?

Feb 01 at 04:25 PM


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Our sales orders have a mix of materials that are make to order and make to stock. Various line items on the same order. A common example is we will sell a spare part and a configured-to-order machine on the same SO. The spare is make to stock. Our practice is to pick the spare part and have it travel along with the machine that is being built over the course of about 2-3 weeks. Want to use a 412 E transfer posting for the spare part to tie it to the sales order so that it is very visible in SAP that this particular spare is hard-tied to this particular sales order. But in general, the spare part is a make to stock item.

How can I assign MTS inventory to a sales order item sometimes but have it behave like MTS other times? As of now, I am having to change the material master planning strategy back and forth and this is not sustainable. Feels like there may be a planning strategy that lets me take sales orders against warehouse stocks, but at the same time lets me assign some units to sales order items such that MD04 shows both the customer segments (SO stock E) and the generally available stock.

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Rajen Madan Feb 02 at 05:55 AM


Have you tried creating a strategy group with MTS as the main strategy, and MTO as the secondary strategy? In your sales order, you can manually choose the requirement type to be MTO in special cases.


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Hi Rajen,

Thanks for your input. Yes, it looks like standard strategy group 41 was maybe intended for this. In addition, looks like I may need a custom Item Category and Schedule Line category, but that is not the end of the world.

Thanks again,