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Question regarding VizType Donut SAPUI5

Feb 01 at 12:13 PM


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Hi experts,

my VizFrame chart is of type donut. The measures are the number of contracts for a certain product, the different products are the dimensions.

I have two FeedItems, one of type 'size' and one of 'color'.

When selecting one part of the donut i want to show some details to the product, e.g. sales partner name, or region of customer.

//Create Feeditems
var feedValueItem = new sap.viz.ui5.controls.common.feeds.FeedItem({
	'uid' : 'size',
	'type' : 'Measure',
	'values' : ["Number of Contracts"]
feedDimensionItem = new sap.viz.ui5.controls.common.feeds.FeedItem({
	'uid' : 'color',
	'type' : 'Dimension',
	'values' : ["Product new", "Details"]

The code above allows me to enter the details for each new contract. But my legend now looks like : NEW CONTRACT / [object Object],[object Object],[object Object],... wich is pretty.

I allready tried to add a FeedItem of uid 'dataFrame' and added the feed to my VizFrame but this didn't help.

Has anyone a suggestion on how to either add the details object to my feeds to get access to it in the dataSelect-eventhandler or can anybody tell me how to make the legend look fine again?

I looked through vizproperties for donut diagram - but wasn't lucky finding a solution.

Thanks and regards

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Feb 02 at 02:43 AM

Please check this snippix,js,output .

You could use plotArea.dataPointStyle to define certain rules to customize the legend items.

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Thanks a Lot!