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Jun 10, 2008 at 05:54 PM

Strategery: Getting reports out to users


We are working out our overall strategy for delivering non-broadcast reports to our users and have a few ideas. I was hoping to bounce this idea off some of the experienced folks here on the board and get some feedback and alternate ideas.

***I want to preface this with my background being in web development and office automation. Those are certainly handy when it comes to BEx and is why I am being "reporposed" for this project, but my SAP BI experience is thin.


New install of BI 2004s for HR.

We currently use an Oracle wharehouse with informatica tools.

We will have roughly 200 non-broadcast roports to deliver. These reports are roughly broken up into 8 to 12 reporting areas.

Users should never see the names of reports (and esspecially links) that they can not run.

Plan as it stands:

1. Publish web templates (reports) to iViews.

2. Maintain user groups in LDAP (currently used to grant access to various tabs and iViews in our portal) and grant groups to users.

3. Maintain XML file of reproting areas and links within each.

4. Deliver reporting areas in blocks (divs/layers) that are created on the page at runtime using a stylesheet for the XML file.

The big downfall of this plan is that as we add users outside HR we will have more and more reporting areas (more roles) which have to be maintained manually. Also the management of the XML file itself is manual.

Some questions:

Is there an object that can be embedded into a web template page and delivered though an iView that wil build the menu based on the user's BI roles and what reports have been published to that role?

If yes to above can this object be formatted using CSS?

Is there an easier way to accomplish what we are trying to do? It seems that this would similar to how many people would do this, but all of the consultants that we have say they generate a list of reports and let the users have access to the list. I guess then they get lots of errors as they click on various reports that they lack access to. This sounds like a nightmare for the users (and us when they submit tickets saying the reports are broken).

Are there any articles, white papers, or tutorials that cover this type of thing? I do have access to BW expert if you have a link from there.

Any help on this will be appreciated.

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