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Jun 10, 2008 at 05:45 PM

MDM Java API Question --Taxonomy field Attribute values


Hello MDM Gurus:

An MDM Java API question.

After a search I need to display list of Product table records (items) along with a taxonomy field attributes with values. How do I extract the attributes of a taxonomy field and it's values ?

I using the following command for getting Attribute IDs.

 AttributeId[] attribs = records<i>.getAttributes(taxonomyFldId);

and the following command for getting the Attribute value.

 MdmValue attribValue = records<i>.getAttributeValue(taxonomyFldId,attribs[j]);

But I do need to get the priority of the Attribute, I am going to display. How do I get it ?

There is one command,

   RetrieveAttributeLinksCommand ralCmd = new RetrieveAttributeLinksCommand(connectionAccessor);

But this command need the RecordId of the Taxonomy lookup table, not the main table record Ids which we got.

Appreciate your help.

Prasad Nutalapati