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Connection failing MS-SQL to Sybase IQ using Sybase REP 15.7

Feb 05 at 06:54 AM


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Trying to Establish a connection in SAP Replication Server 15.7

Source - MS-SQL 2008

Destination - Sybase IQ 16

Syntax :

create connection to WIN-1MOHFVXCWFB\MFNETDEV.MF_NET 
using profile rs_msss_to_iq;standard
set username to MAINT_USER
set password to maint_user_ps

Showing syntax error near using... Tried providing the connection name inside single Quote (') & double quotes(") with square braket [] .... but no use.

In the windows source system (MSSQL), have done all the Pre-Requisites like sybfilter driver , MSSQL jdbc driver and setting up its path and other things.

Can anyone help on this?


Yuvaraj Subramani

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1 Answer

Avinash Kothare Feb 05 at 07:44 PM

Looks like a named instance on MSSQL.

Backslashes and hyphens can make it difficult.

My Suggestion :

First try a simple main MSSQL server without hyphen in name. Then expand to named server.

It may be as simple as using "\\" in place of one. Or escapinging "-" with "\-"

Also this command (create ... using profile) has a "display_only" option.

See what output it generates and if you can executed these commands by hand.

I have used this in context of ECO -- express connect from ASE to Oracle. And it took me a few iterations to get the permissions, connector, AIX variables, etc. right. I used display_only option to see what commands were bing sent and checking each by hand.

I also had SAP/Sybase case opened to sort errors as I progressed slowly.



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Hello Avinash,

First of all thanks for your response.

I'm trying on different MSSQL where the name is simpler one but getting the same connection creation problem.

Source : While Validation :

F:\Sybase\RAX-15_5\init>F:\Sybase\RAX-15_5\bin\ra_admin -vr 
Completed first pass of verification for resource file <>. 
ERROR:  RepServer primary connection <CXXUATDB.CXX> was not found.

Rep Server : while Create connection :

1> create connection to CXXUATDB.CXX

2> using profile rs_msss_to_iq;standard

3> set username to MAINT_USER

4> set password to **********

5> go Msg 15542, Level 11, State 0: Server 'K_REP':

Any idea...



This is a KBA for Oracle to IQ with similar error message. You will need S-id to login and look at it.

See if that helps.

2530117 - Connection to primary Oracle database failed -SAP SRS

You need to have primary (MSSQL) side connection created first.

Then the replicate side (IQ) connetion can be created.