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Rebate accrual should stop after accruing a maximum value

Feb 05 at 05:42 AM


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Hi Gurus

The requirement is to stop the rebate accrual process (pulling the rebate condition type in the invoices) after a maximum value is reached. Now, how to achieve this ?

a)As we know that "condition update" indicator is absent in the rebate pricing condition type, so the option of maximum condition value is not achieved by that route, (unlike regular pricing condition type)

b) also , we know that there are no "caps" on rebates . So, employing scales , such as "To" with the scale basis as value. I don't think that will work. Even , after specifying the "maximum value" in "To", the rebate accrual will not stop after accruing the mentioned value

Any suggestion is most welcome.



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Requirement: Business wants the rebate accrual should stop after it reaches a maximum monetary value. After the maximum value is reached, if there is further invoices are posted to sales order, the rebate pricing condition should not be pulled up in the invoice.

I did the following.

1) Configured graduated scale in scale type in rebate pricing condition type. Scale Basis : Value . The maximum value is 4 dollars (scale value )and the accrual rate was set up as 1 dollar/1 TON. The invoiced qty is 6 Tonnes, so the accrual should stop after 4 dollars, however, it is pulling up 6 dollars.

2) Configured "To Scale" in scale type in rebate pricing condition type. Still it pulled up 6 dollars (above example)

3) Understanding that there is "no caps" possible for rebate pricing condition, I tried to minimise the further accrual as 1 cent/TO. So, i tried the "check" in scale configuration as ascending, descending and no check. But , in each of these cases, scale currency and unit coloumn in the scales was "grayed out".

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