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Feb 05, 2018 at 07:29 AM

How to remove deleted/locked transactions from wage type reporter?


Hello All,

I am based in Australia and we are trying to reconcile Payment Summaries. We are using wage type reporter data to complete the manual reconciliation but have run into a problem regarding locked/deleted infotype 14/15 data.

This problem is in particular related to the calculation of Lump Sum E where the in-period is of particular importance.

WHen we run wage type reporter, the deleted/locked entries are visible but the system puts in an equivalent negative to cancel out the "value" of the deleted transactions. This in effect does delete the value but the problem we have is that the negative reversal has a shifted in-period which is the in-period the lock/deletion occured.

This shift in in-period causes a few problems with calculating Lump SUm E. Is there a way to run a wage type reports which filters out deleted/locked transactions. i.e. they do not even come out of the extract.

A few collegues have said we have need to pull data out of the RT table only looking at the latest entries for each for period. Any other thoughts?

How can i get data in the WTR format which has filtered out all transactions related to a deletion/lock?

Any help would be greately appreciated.